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Asia Pacific Forum Privacy Statement

زموږ دولسم روایت وایي:

"نومیت زموږ د ټولو دودونو روحاني بنسټ دی، تل موږ ته یادونه کوي چې د شخصیتونو په وړاندې اصول ځای په ځای کړو."


موږ باور لرو چې زموږ د شخصي هویت د دود د روحیې ملاتړ کوو او په واضح ډول ووایو چې موږ دې ویب پاڼې ته د کوم لیدونکي تعقیب یا پیژندلو لپاره هیڅ تخنیکي وسیله نه کاروو.  موږ خپله ویب پاڼه د WIX سره کوربه کوو، او د سایټ کار د ای کامرس برخه جوړولو لپاره، کوکیز کارول کیږي.  مهرباني وکړئ په دې اړه وګورئ  


هر ډول اړیکه چې ته سپارل کیږي د محرمیت او هویت په پام کې نیولو سره چلند کیږي. موږ وړاندیز کوو چې د بریښنالیک لیږونکي یا هغه څوک چې زموږ د اړیکې فورمه کاروي خپل احتیاطي تدابیر ونیسي که دوی غواړي چې نوم یې پټ پاتې شي.

د دې سایټ له لارې ټولې اړیکې "د NA رسمي سوداګرۍ" ګڼل کیږي او دې اړیکو ته د ځواب ویلو لپاره د ځینې کچې پیژندنې ته اړتیا لري. ټولې هڅې به وشي چې مخابرات په وخت سره یو مسؤل باوري خدمتګار ته انتقال شي.

د APF په سیمه کې د خدماتو کمیټو سره د خبرو اترو لپاره بدیل میتودونه شتون لري. دا بدیلونه زموږ د اړیکو معلوماتو پاڼې کې لیست شوي دي. مهرباني وکړئ دا معلومات وکاروئ که اړتیا وي ستاسو اړتیاوې پوره کړئ.

شخصي غوښتنې

په هیڅ حالت کې  ایا موږ به د شخصي طبیعت بریښنالیک د APF د NA هر غړي ته واستوو. دا دی  د آسیا پاسیفیک فورم رسمي ویب پاڼه  او موږ د مخدره توکو په نوم د هیچا غړیتوب نه منو. د دې پالیسۍ د درناوي لپاره مننه.

د پالیسۍ بدلونونه

دلته تشریح شوې پالیسي به په راتلونکي کې وده وکړي ځکه چې زموږ د ویب پاڼې لارښوونې او پالیسي د APF اداري کمیټې په لارښوونه بدلیږي. ستاسو نظرونه پدې موضوع کې ښه راغلاست دي نو مهرباني وکړئ زموږ د اړیکو فورمه وکاروئ .

د ویب پاڼې اداره

دا سایټ د آسیا پاسیفیک فورم کې د APF د اداري کمیټې له لارې د مخدره توکو د نامعلومو ډلو په استازیتوب اداره کیږي.

Who we are

The Asia Pacific Forum is a charitable incorporated society formed to support the development and encourage the growth of recovery from drug addiction in the countries within the APF zone.

Our website addresses include: and

Sub-sites within the and domains are set up under the same governance as this site to provide information to interested parties and fulfill APF charitable purpose.

Privacy and the Internet – What can I do ? 

Services the APF use and their privacy policies
Zoom – for virtual NA meetings and service meetings

Google Workspace – documents, forms, calendar, email, recaptcha, maps, search, analytics

Paypal – Payment gateway

ASB Bank – Banking

Wise - Banking

Other Banks


Each bank has a separate privacy policy and when we make payments, these organisations will follow they privacy policy.

Xero – Accounting

Web Hosting Service WIX

Cloudflare caching, acceleration and security

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

If you register for events on the website we collect the data you provide and store this including the IP address and other technical details to help enable spam detection.  We also use Google Services to help reduce spam.

Email Lists

If you subscribe to Email lists, your email address and IP address is collected for spam detection and to provide the emails.  Email performance data is also collected. This is highly restricted and will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

For other email lists the email addresses and content are visible to the other members subscribed to each list. This is retained by Google Groups indefinitely.



If you upload images to the website, including in flyers and documents, you can remove the  embedded location data (EXIF GPS).  Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website or in flyers.


Contact forms

We only collect information about you to be of service, to communicate with you, or to improve our services. When visitors submit information on the site we collect the information you submit, and also the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string. We use the Google Services to reduce spam, and Google Forms.


We collect information in the following ways if you provide information to us:

  • in a service, help or information requests

  • subscription forms for email lists

  • merchandise purchases

Personal details collected in our forms are not shared with any third parties and remain strictly confidential.  We only use this information to contact you directly to respond to your service requests.


We use Zoom for virtual meeting hosting. Additional information is collected by Zoom which is outlined in their privacy policy here:

Google Workspace and Services

We use Google Workspaces and Google Services. Additional information is collected by Google which is outlined in their privacy policy here:

ASB Bank and Xero

We use Xero and ASB Bank for our financial and accounting platforms.  When you pay money to the APF your account information including the payee full name is stored on our bank’s and Xero systems and is kept as required by law for at least 7 years.


We use Paypal to process credit and debit card transactions for merchandise.  Paypal privacy policies can be found here:


Who we share your data with 

Your contact details and collected data will only be shared within the APF service committees. This is done to the minimum extent possible to fulfil the stated need. We do not share this data with any other parties without your consent.

What rights you have over your data


If you have an account, you can request to receive your personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us. You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Where we send your data

Forms may be checked through automated spam detection services. Some contact details may be shared with parts of the APF that provide services and products on of the APF.

If you register a meeting and provide your email address through a Meeting Update form this information is stored in the BMLT meeting application.  While meeting information is shared to other BMLT servers and with NA World Services, your email address is not shared with anyone else.

Your contact information

Your contact information is stored in a private area of the web site and not accessible to the public.  If you would like your contact details removed from our site we will honour your request.

How we protect your data

We maintain regular platform updates, plugin updates and security patches. All form data including Email addresses and passwords are encrypted when they are transferred between your browser and our website.

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